The Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust Launches Campaign To Fund More School Uniform Grants 

Every year the Trust gives out over £100,000 in grants to help financially vulnerable families buy school uniform for their children. With the cost-of-living crisis continuing to put pressure on families, applications to the Trust are at an all time high, so focus has turned to fundraising, to meet growing demand for their vital grants ahead of September.

CEO, Anna Pangbourne commented, “School uniform can be a huge cost for families who are in financially vulnerable situations. Our grants can really help, by covering the cost of all items a child needs for school, from blazers to polo shirts, P.E kits to school shoes.”

“A school uniform seems like a simple thing, but for those children it can make a huge difference. It’s the difference between blistered feet and comfortable shoes for growing feet. It’s the difference between getting teased and fitting in. It’s the difference between getting sent home and getting a full day of learning.”

Launching today, the Trust hope to raise £10,000 through the appeal, the equivalent of a full school uniform for 50 children.

As a small charity, the Trust send funds directly to the families in need and 100% of donations go towards funding their grants.

Companies and individuals are encouraged to get involved and help the Trust to reach their campaign goal.

Donations can be made online at where companies can also order a fundraising pack by emailing [email protected] and find out other ways to get involved.