Sustainability in Schoolwear

The schoolwear association and its members are passionate about making sure their businesses are run in a sustainable way. That is both here in the UK and throughout the supply chain. This is not just in the products produced but also in the environments they are manufactured, stored and sold. Here are just a few examples of what we are doing to try and look after our planet.

  • LED Lights

    Keep forgetting to turn lights off? LED lights are energy saving and many have motion sensors on them to save you time and money. There are grants available for SME’s.

  • Recyling bins

    Having the right recycling bins at your site or shop can help to encourage people to recycle and reduce waste. Most items like carboard, plastic and metal can be recycled many times over. Check out your local councils website to see what can and cannot be recycled locally.

  • Certifications

    Are your products recycled, organic or from a sustainable source? If so, consumers will want to see some form of certifcation for this. Many of our members are accredited and you can be too.

  • Water bottles

    A great way to save water and plastic is to offer water bottles to your employees. Make sure its BPA free if it’s plastic, or look for an alternative like glass or metal.

  • Solar panels

    Trying to steer away from gas usage is one way to reduce your carbon emissions. There are grants available to have solar panels installed on your offices or warehouses. Many government schemes offer loans, grants or subsidised energy-saving measures to support small businesses with reducing their impact on the environment.

  • Re-using

    Whether thats cardboard boxes, pallets or packaging, whatever can be re-used is put to good use. Many of our members already re-use cardboard boxes for orders or warehousing.