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Why is the SA important to my School?

The Schoolwear Association was formed in 2006 to promote the benefits of school specific uniform and to establish strong standards in the supply chain of garments to parents and schools.

It can help schools on a number of issues and importantly it's members sign up to a code of conduct and commit to respect the wishes of the schools that they serve.

  • Strong communications

    The SA Committee is made up of a diverse group of people from across the whole industry with a passion for what we do. We give our time voluntarily and draw on our collective experience in the industry to strengthen our sector. We communicate all relevant issues to our members regularly.

    Our members sign up to a Code of Conduct which means that they adhere to high standards in the industry.

    Always check if your supplier is a member of the SA.

Tendering process for School Uniforms

Click on the links to view two guideline documents designed to give you help with sourcing school uniform and the tender process. These can also be available as a Word document which you can edit to suit your own requirements.

Invitation to Tender: Guidelines

License To Sell Uniform


The Schoolwear Association produces a number of guides to help schools and members with issues that affect the market. Here you can download guides to help with the process of sourcing school uniform and understanding how to protect your school logo so that others cannot misuse it or supply uniform against your wishes.

The Benefits of School Branded Uniform

The Aims and Values of The Schoolwear Association

School Uniform: A guide to specifying and sourcing uniform for schools and academies

Factsheet : How to protect your school identity

Schoolwear Association Constitution