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Schools and Retailers Link Up for Uniform ‘Giveaway’ Campaign

The Benefits of School Specific Uniform

Statement: Welsh Government Announcement

2019 Schoolwear Association Awards

Entry is now open for the 2019 Schoolwear Association Awards – read on to find out more…

The Greatest Schoolwear Show

The SA presents an evening of thrills and entertainment…

Welsh Assembly

You may be aware that the Welsh Government is in a consultation period with a view to introducing new regulations on school uniforms which would seriously restrict a schools ability to choose the uniform of its choice…

Let Us Entertain You

The SA presents an Evening of Comedy and Entertainment…

SA Awards 2018 – Update

Thank you, and good luck, to those who have already completed their award entries!

Highlighting Uniforms contribution to children’s wellbeing

In a hectic year that also saw the launch of the inaugural Schoolwear Awards, the association continued to campaign in the media and online for every child to have a good quality uniform. It commissioned a poll of teachers and an in-depth study by a respected child psychology team to provide evidence of uniform’s benefits…

Message from the Chairman

We recently held our AGM, as part of our March Executive meeting – please find below the link to our Chairman’s report which was presented at the meeting.