Welsh Assembly

You may be aware that the Welsh Government is in a consultation period with a view to introducing new regulations on school uniforms which would seriously restrict a schools ability to choose the uniform of its choice. The consultation contains a draft for the new guidance to schools, including:

Avoiding “high cost” items such as blazers and caps!

Limiting the number of school uniform items that require school logos

When Logos are required, they should be in the form of sew, iron or stick-on ‘badges’.

Schools should only stipulate basic items and colours, not styles, so items can be purchased at multiple retail chains at reasonable prices – not just from one (or two in Wales) authorised suppliers.

The consultation ends on 21st February 2019 and you can find it here:


The change in law would put immense pressure on many independent retailers and other suppliers to schools who have a long tradition of supplying uniforms in their communities.

The Schoolwear Association is working hard to mobilise an informed alternative view, and deliver a unified voice to respond to the consultation. To date we have written to all our various contacts in Wales both members and non- members, and held a meeting in Cardiff for all interested parties to attend. We are grateful to all who came and committed to take some action.

We cannot reiterate enough how seriously we regard this situation, and the impact that it would have on our industry, A change in law such as this, will no doubt lead to a major drop in sales, established businesses closing, and redundancies across the industry. We cannot assume that it would not have consequences across the whole of the UK, and we have a very short window of opportunity to make our voices heard.

If you wish to have further information please contact us at [email protected] and we will endeavour to assist. If you are behind with your membership, (or indeed receiving this communication as a non-member via the suppliers) we would urge you to contact us and join us in providing a voice for our industry.

SA Position for Welsh Consultation 9.1.19 (FINAL)

SA Position for Welsh Consultation 9.1.19 (FINAL) in Welsh