Schoolwear Association Mailer – 24 April 2020

A message from the SA

On behalf of the Schoolwear Association we hope you and your families are safe and well. As the UK hopes to have reached the peak of the pandemic, many people’s thoughts will naturally turn to consider how we can start to return to some form of normality.

While social distancing will remain in place for the foreseeable future in order to contain any further spread of the virus, many businesses will need to start to plan how they can prepare to open their doors to customers again once restrictions are eased.

Of course it is essential that all businesses follow Government advice, but the Schoolwear Association will be providing some practical tips next week for retailers on how to adhere to social distancing rules if restrictions are eased.

We spoke to Printwear & Promotion this week to discuss some of the tests the industry has been facing over the course of the Coronavirus pandemic and encouraging the sector to rally together to survive the coming weeks, months and years. You can read the full piece here.

Matthew Easter and Mark Stevenson, co-chairs of the Schoolwear Association

Phishing scams

Unfortunately some SA members have reported an increase in attempted phishing scams over recent weeks. At this time, it is important to be even more vigilant with payments and communicate clearly with customers if your business may have been affected.

Advice on avoiding phishing scams from the National Cyber Security Centre can be found here.

Voucher schemes

A number of retailers have introduced voucher schemes to help customers support their business during lockdown. The schemes enable loyal customers to buy vouchers for products now, for later use when the lockdown period ends. Many of these schemes have been launched on Facebook with great success and, although the industry cannot sell garments at the moment, it is important to maintain a social media presence to increase awareness of your business before lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Read more about how the Saving Local voucher scheme has benefitted businesses here. 

Wren Schoolwear

The schoolwear industry is continuing to put its facilities to use supporting the NHS during the Covid-19 crisis.

Essex-based SA member, Wren Schoolwear, has been working with local volunteers to make vital scrubs for the NHS. When approached for donations of fabric and thread they contacted Provide, a social enterprise delivering a broad range of health and social care services, to offer to cut, size label, provide elastic, and pack the tunic top and trouser set into packs for distribution.

Keith, Sue and Ingrida have cut more than 3000m of fabric into scrubs for doctors and nurses in the NHS free of charge. Well done to all involved at Wren Schoolwear!

We are always looking for more stories about what SA members are doing during these difficult times. If you have any experiences or tips to share, please email [email protected]