Schoolwear Association Mailer – 21 May 2020

A message from the SA

 On behalf of the Schoolwear Association we hope that you and your families are safe and well. While the debate over wider school openings is continuing, it is important that our industry is in the best position possible to offer a safe and efficient service to parents and pupils over the coming weeks.

As schools work through the myriad of areas to consider before they open their doors again, we think it’s really important to remind them of why their pupils should be returning in uniform as normal. With this in mind, we have drafted a further letter to highlight the wide ranging benefits a sensible uniform policy brings to their school – which are even more relevant during COVID-19.

It’s vital that we keep reminding schools of these benefits, and how uniform can assist in keeping pupils, parents and teacher safe over the coming months. Key takeaways to press home with your schools include:

  1. Uniform will help get children into the school routine and mind set for learning again.
  2. Uniform will help reassure children that life is on the way to ‘getting back to normal again’.
  3. Uniform will help schools re-establish routine and discipline in schools, at a time it has
    arguably never been more vital.
  4. The official Government advice on wearing uniform to school has not changed.
  5. Children are less likely to wear their uniform when they are at home after school, allowing parents to easily distinguish which garments require washing from that day.
  6. School uniform provides great value for money, and the improved quality and durability of the garments will allow them to stand up to more regular washing.
  7. Uniform will allow pupils to be easily identified outside and on the way to school, ensuring members of the public clearly know why those children are not at home.
  8. It may be possible for schools to alternative between pupils wearing traditional uniform and school PE kits on a daily basis, making it easier for items to be washed without any additional purchases being required.

To further emphasise the importance of the above, we have seen a piece of media coverage in the TES where schools are considering changes to uniform policy and we are prepared to respond to these pieces to ensure that our arguments are heard by the people that matter.

The need to foster strong lines of communication during this crisis is vital and we urge you to share both letters with your schools to remind them that a uniform is a major part of day-to-day school life and that we, as an industry, are here to help over the coming weeks and months.

You can view and download the letter on the benefits of uniform here.

You can view and download the first letter, encouraging the close cooperation of schools, here.

On a separate note, some of you will be aware of the work that has been ongoing over recent months to produce a comprehensive prospectus for the Schoolwear Association which can be used to convince schools, parents, journalists and politicians of the merits of school-branded uniform.

After a lot of hard work, we are in a position to share the prospectus which was approved by a meeting of the executive this week. This document is designed to benefit all businesses in the sector and we urge all members to use it in their own marketing. The SA will be promoting this widely on social media over the coming weeks and your continued support sharing our messages from your own channels is appreciated.

You can view and download the prospectus here.

Matthew Easter and Mark Stevenson, co-chairs, Schoolwear Association