Schoolwear Association Mailer – 05 June 2020

A message from the SA

As primary schools welcomed back more students this week, we are sure you’ll agree it was great to see so many back in their classrooms looking smart in their uniform.

It is a welcome reminder that support for uniform remains strong across Government and the education sector as a whole, and the widely known benefits it provides are more important than ever for pupils, parents and schools.

In a recent mailer, we discussed the positive impact the work of the SA has seen in persuading political decision makers of the merits of school-branded uniform and over the coming weeks and months we will be promoting this work as part of a membership drive for the Association.

A video that is now live on the SA website shows the success in communicating our key messages, particularly on the reoccurring subject of cost, to members of Parliament for the House of Commons debate on the Education (Guidance about Costs of School Uniforms) Bill back in March.

We are aware of the challenges facing every business at this time and we firmly believe that for our industry to recover and thrive, we need the SA to be as strong as possible, in terms of both resources and insights. We would urge all members to share this video when it is shared on the SA’s social media channels and encourage any schoolwear businesses that are not currently a part of the Association to join us and help the industry through the tests we will all face in the future.

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Thank you, Trudy!

A big thank you from everyone in the SA exec to Trudy who has worked as our SA secretary now for several years.

Trudy stepped down from this role at the end of May but would like to support the SA and has even said she’ll continue to take minutes for us at our meetings.

We’ve made an agreement with our PR company Tank who will now monitor and distribute the info@ address and also send out communications on our behalf. Thank you to Tank for agreeing to help us here!

An effective school-branded uniform…

Is worn 195 days of the year and reduces expenditure on high street brands and the latest fashions.

Read more about the benefits of a school-branded uniform in the SA’s report here.