Join us as a member of the Schoolwear Association

As a member of the Schoolwear Association, we are proud to be part of the voice of our industry, which strengthens links between schools, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers.

Like any trade body, the SA relies on the generosity and support of its members. You will be well aware of the challenges our industry has faced over the course of the last year, not only the COVID-19 pandemic but also potential legislative changes that could threaten the future of school-branded uniform.

These challenges are not going away and we need the industry to unite now more than ever.

Membership of the SA is based on signing up to the principles set out in its Code of Practice and sharing best practice so that standards continue to improve across the industry.

The fundraising that we started in late 2019 was vital to enable the SA to give the industry a voice in Parliament on the Education (Cost of school uniforms) Bill and attempt to influence the shape of statutory uniform guidelines. If they are not implemented correctly these guidelines risk causing significant unintended consequences and removing some of the widely known benefits of school-branded uniform form our schools.

However, to continue to ensure that guidelines are sensible and practical we need the support of the whole market.

Potential changes to legislation, as well as the continued challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, means that the support the SA provides to the whole industry has never been so important.

Without further support the scale of the SA’s activity cannot be sustained and the whole industry would lose a powerful and well-respected voice to shout about the benefits of a quality and sustainable uniform, as well as the schemes and initiatives that are so common across schoolwear businesses.

Put simply, the SA needs more members. We need your voice and support to help the SA continue to grow and give it a bigger voice and greater weight on the issues that really matter to our industry.

To find out more about becoming a member of the SA, click here or email [email protected].