Implementing the ‘Cost of School Uniform’ Guidance

Following the publication of the final statutory guidance as a result of the Education (Guidance about the Cost of School Uniform) Bill, we have drafted a document which explains the facts around implementing the updated guidance.

On publication of the statutory guidance, Matthew Easter, co-chair of the Schoolwear Association, said:

“We welcome this guidance as it takes a balanced and proportionate approach towards ensuring parents get good value for money from uniforms, without creating unreasonable burdens on schools or uniform suppliers. Importantly, it reinforces that the majority of schools are already doing the right thing and, in most cases, will already be fully, or almost, compliant.

“As the leading schoolwear industry body, we are committed to helping schools understand the implications of the guidance for their uniform policies, and will continue to work with them to ensure the process of choosing a uniform supplier remains as robust, competitive, and easy as possible.”

Our guidance document covers:

  • The cost of school uniform – how schools can work with their uniform suppliers to ensure best value for money for parents.
  • Second-hand uniform sales – how uniform suppliers can support the provision of second-hand uniform for parents.
  • Sole supply arrangements – guidance to simplify sole supplier procurement processes to ensure robust competition at the point of selection.
  • Re-tendering contracts – advice about when and how to approach re-tendering uniform supplier contracts.

Read the Schoolwear Association’s latest guidance for schools fact sheet here.

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